Last week was an extraordinary one for us, as we proudly unveiled our second chapter: Collection 002. This new collection is much more than just clothing. Each piece is the result of our tireless dedication, time and research. Our core values of quality, sustainability and waste reduction are at the very heart of these creations.

We've expanded our color palette, adding a soft lilac that evokes the aesthetic of faded denim, a versatile addition to our range. In contrast, we're proud to present an ashy black that captures the essence of vintage black, reminiscent of your favorite weathered t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Our colors are produced in collaboration with a family-owned dye house located just five minutes from our headquarters. Not only do they contribute to the sustainability of our processes by reusing water, they also help us maintain a low carbon footprint.

And that's not all, we're also delighted to unveil a brand new material in our collection, our 100% recycled cotton rib, which enables us to create even softer pieces, like our tank tops.

Each of these new creations embodies our unwavering commitment to comfort and quality. From classic shorts designed to move with you to relaxed-fit pants, this collection represents a sustainable wardrobe of only what you really need.

Thank you for being part of the Care Label story, for championing the idea that sustainable fashion and style are not just passing trends, but a sustainable way of life.